Leah |Siren| Softening My Rough Edges

What the average woman categorizes as “Being pretty,” it’s nowhere in the same ballpark as things like; Guns, Grease, Gross Language and anything Guy Related.
Which makes sense, right? Naturally, ones femininity is not found in masculine things. So when a woman finds herself in a male dominated field of work, finding a feminine balance is absolutely necessary!
Being a woman in the military is often viewed as being powerful; a lot of times it is and it feels just like that! Most of the time, it means being placed into a position of constant discomfort. From unruly living conditions, constant physical strain and endless mental wear and tear, all of which is expected to NEVER be expressed outwardly. It can be the most draining thing any woman can regret volunteering for, especially if it’s for weeks or months at a time. I, myself, take solace in photoshoots to find my balance with my mental health.
There’s something about being in front of a camera just makes a woman change mindset and after being surrounded by nothing but masculine EVERYTHING, it can be reviving to say the least! Over time, when working with many photographers, you learn that some are truly better (and safer) than others. I have learned the solid rule of thumb; Cheap photos are never good and good photos are never cheap!
Once I met Tara, I found the best package in a photographer that I could have possibly found. A creatively built studio that is private and secure, a closet full of clothing that isn’t based on one specific size, hair and make-up that doesn’t cost extra and a session fee that isn’t through the roof. When she first mentioned an ambassador program, I got so excited and KNEW that I had to at least apply. After finding out that Tara Rae Photography was built on hard work and the desire to do something good, I felt that my experience with lighting, posing and over-all creativity could be used for the betterment of women everywhere. And with the legal and physical safety that Tara also provides, I had such a desire to advocate her passion. With the understanding of threats and danger the military “Blessed” me with, I couldn’t with good conscience not tell other women that loved and benefited from photography like I do. Tara is the absolute best choice when trying to revamp your sense of confidence. I, myself, am so grateful to have found TRPEB and hope she continues to grow and empower women everywhere.

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