“This was an opportunity to break out of my comfort zone. I, for the first time was shown and saw that I AM beautiful. I DO have a beautiful body and I AM worth it!!!!! Thank you!”

“Tara and her team were wonderful to work with. Her makeup artist made me look amazing and Tara’s photos made me feel so good about myself. They were both fun and easy going and great to work with. I would recommend her if you’re looking for a boudoir shoot!”

“Tara is a great photographer. She made me feel super comfortable. That’s hard to do but she did. She made me feel beautiful and I loved that she liked my weird suggestions.”

“Tara is amazing!!! Her and her team do an amazing job at 1. Making you feel comfortable and 2. Making you feel beautiful. She tailors your session to what fits you while also trying to get you out of your comfort zone! Not only does she go over the top with her compliments but also with her work. Seeing your pictures for the first time is breathtaking! Tara is amazing at what she does and I couldn’t recommend her more!!!”

“This was a session that I had been wanting to do for years and Tara made it possible. It was honestly one of the best experiences I have ever had. Tara is so nice, and sweet and funny. And Tara alongside Piper is even better. I was laughing and smiling more than I ever was nervous. I felt so comfortable with them and in my own skin. I also can’t thank Tara enough for how flexible she is. Payments were my only option to get the package that I wanted so badly, she worked with me down to every last detail and was so very understanding. I am thankful that I chose Tara, and I will continue to choose her in the future and recommend her to others.”

“I don’t even know where to start. This was a 21st birthday present to myself, one I almost didn’t go through with. As I looked at the boudoir Pinterest page and the girls, these beautiful, sexy, perfect girls I pinned, my anxiety said, “You’re going to pay for this and you know what? You’ll look bad in every single one of them. You’re not pretty. You don’t deserve this.” And I believed it. The email was hard to send, the phone call a little tougher, and the day of I wondered if I was going to get out of the car. “Still ugly. Just go back. What’s the point. You’re not exactly ‘Sexy'” still rang over and over again, but I the moment I walked in those doors, the atmosphere was light and fun. I felt more confidence than I ever have. It was like hanging out naked with two of my best friends that I had just met. Piper and Tara, what a duo. They’ll make you feel like a queen when, to put it bluntly, you just kind of hate yourself. I told Tara after how much I had been struggling, that her session made me feel worthy and beautiful, and I meant every word.”

“I was very nervous to do something like this. I did this to step out of my comfort zone, to appeal to my curiosity, and to surprise my (ex) husband. When Tara showed me my pictures, I was in awe. I could not believe that was me. She made me feel confident and beautiful. She encouraged me to have faith in myself again, to know that I am strong and worth it. Tara. I’ve told you this before and I’ll say it again. Thank you for what you did for me. I will forever be thankful for what you’ve done for me.”

“This opportunity let me feel like I was the sexiest woman alive. I got to let my freak flag fly! I’ve never had more fun half naked in a room with other women! And no man woman or child can take how I felt about myself in that small moment away from me. As a mom of two small children I don’t always feel the sexiest, I don’t do myself up hardly ever. But that day I was on top of the world. Although I am such an awkward person, I never felt like I was the odd man out. Piper and Tara are amazing people! I’m so happy I got to do this and have you ladies be apart of it! Thank you! Ladies let those freak flags fly, be you. They get it!”