Leah|Siren|The Boost We Never Knew We Needed

After summer of 2020 became nothing but sweat and depression, gathering at the studio with the other ambassadors was like stepping into an actual oasis, as Tara had created a magnificent paradise just for us!
Quarantine had everyone stressed and since COVID prevented a lot of ambassador work, we were all so excited to finally work together!
Outfits, hair and make up were on point and everyone looked amazing. Once the camera started snapping we turned on that extra sexy and began creating art!
As each girl did her set, the others were standing by giving encouragement knowing that it would improve each image that much more.
“She looks so powerful!”
“She IS powerful!”
These compliments flowed into my ears and I felt invincible, like Wonder Woman herself couldn’t take me!
Music was playing, we were all surrounded by beauty and positivity in what felt like a beach party on our own private island! Good vibes flooded the studio and we all were brought back to pre-quarantine life!
When returning back to life, I noticed something different. I was smiling more than normal and had more enthusiasm than I had felt in a long time. I was getting more done at work, and felt genuinely happier.
It was then that I realized the impact TRP had on my life, that it isn’t just photographs but an entire revitalizing experience that I’d give anything to be able to bottle up and keep, if that we’re possible.

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