Bekah|Siren|Oooh Kill ‘Em (With Confidence)

Since beginning my journey as an ambassador, I have had a plethora of different responses. Boudoir has allowed me to showcase my inner and outer body confidence through social media. A majority of the feedback I receive is from friends and strangers who hype me up (S/O to my people). But unfortunately, there have been plenty of others who talk badly about my newfound love behind my back. Despite living in a body-positivity-boom era, even if you continuously show (post) that you’re proud of who you are, there are people out there who will judge your confidence and grit. You can’t be pressured into hiding, you have to continue to persevere and have passion for the long-term goal of self-love. 


For me, boudoir is included in the act of caring for myself.  Each time I walk into the studio, I continue to improve my own self-confidence. Yes, you read that correctly. I improve my confidence by getting as many pictures taken of my face and body as possible. The more sessions I attend, the more I’m working on self-love and understanding that The gallery reveal is not *only* a major drum-roll moment, but it allows me to work on my own understanding of who I am. Seeing myself through Tara’s lens is almost unreal. I look through the gallery and see what I like and don’t like about each picture. After noting the dislikes, I still love each of them. Why? I have learned to ACCEPT what I consider “flaws” and fall in love with the bad-ass woman in the picture! After a year of being blessed to be Siren, I’ve found that self-confidence comes through self-love and appreciation of your precious, but vulnerable body. 


I know, I know. It can be hard to imagine being totally confident and comfortable during a boudoir photo shoot, especially if it’s your first time. Luckily, Tara and her team make the experience light and simple. They make it a priority for the studio to be a safe and comfortable space – as someone with a boatload of awkwardness, this is appreciated. I swear, once you meet Tara and walk into the space you’ll understand the light and airy atmosphere I speak of. I put focus on the energy in the studio because being comfortable while in a session is vital. But most importantly, if you embrace the good vibes and feel content and serene – you will 100% enjoy your experience. And kill it!

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