Kayla|Siren|I Never Was the Confident One

I never was the confident one.
I was always shy. Looking back, I remember hiding behind my mom anytime she tried to introduce me to someone new.  My sisters, both very outgoing. They’d make friends with just about anybody they’d meet. I didn’t mind being in the background, but it did a number on my self  confidence.
Fast forward, I was fresh out of a toxic relationship trying to gain a new sense of who I was and trying to rebuild whatever self confidence I had left.
I struggled.
That is, until I met Kyle.
He cuddled harder, kissed longer, and understood what I was going through. He let me explore who I was and who I wanted to be. Kyle actually listened when I needed to talk.
I found Tara through a friend and asked “would you be ok if I did a shoot?”
“Of course baby! If it’ll make you feel good about yourself then yes!”
My first session with Tara was amazing. It was in a cabin out in the woods with hella fluffy blankets.
I was nervous walking up. “What’s the point of doing this the pictures won’t turn out good?” I thought to myself.
Walking through the door you could feel the warmth. Tara came around the corner with a big smile, hugged me and handed me a glass of champagne! She escorted me to the bathroom where my hair and make-up was done and DAMN I looked good! The whole session made me feel beautiful, something I had never really felt before. Then came the finished product.  I WANTED THEM ALL!!!  The way she captured my  “curves”   just wowed me!
I took a plush shark with me, a present I gave to my fiancé, and even those left me speechless! Those are his favorites out of them all. Seeing those pictures gave me a new sense of confidence that I very much needed!
Since that session, I have grown to be confident and not worry about what others are thinking about me. I always thought that “being weird” was bad, but now, I’ll dance down the store isle! I own my weirdness! I walked through Wal-Mart one time with a giant llama on my back trying to convince Kyle to buy it for me!  I’ll wear what makes me feel comfortable and do what makes me feel happy. The other day I wore a VERY 90’s outfit and doubted myself up to the time I walked out of my apartment, but as soon as I got where I was going, I felt good! Many people made comments but I didn’t care! Throughout these years I’ve learned a lot about myself, like how you can be confident, even if you are shy. I might not start up a conversation with a stranger, but once I warm up to you, I’ll be the weirdest and most confident person you know!

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