Miss H|Turning 21

  • How old were you when you had your session done?21! In fact- I did the session as a present to myself for my 21st birthday. 🙂
  • What made you choose TRP~Empowering Boudoir?First of all, I felt way more comfortable with a girl. If I’m showing off my sexy poses and feeling nakey and afraid I’m doing it for a lady who won’t make it judgey and awkward and scary. Tara just kinda clicked with me when I met her the first time to go over options and just talk. She told me she was a “nerd” in high school and it made me feel at home because, hey, me too. I was always awkward and weird and never quuiiiiite got my footing in school. (college is a different ballpark though so if you’re a youngin’ reading this- keep going, high school can suck but the rest of it is worth it). She was like, “I’m about the least judgmental person because I don’t give a shiiiii if you make a fool of yourself- because I do that every single day of my life.” I felt at home. I felt like I was having a conversation with a friend I’ve known forever. And there were payment plan options- which was like 10/10 super important to my college budget.
  • What were you nervous about going into your session?I look like dry toast on a regular day. I have acne, scars, I’m allergic to foundations which meant my skin would be visible, I woke up bloated, my hair never behaves, ….anything you could be nervous about, I sure was. I didn’t feel like anything too spectacular, so I was so scared my investment wouldn’t end up being worth it in the end. After all, there was no way my images could begin to compare to the other ladies Tara has shot, right???
  • What was your favorite part of the experience?Honestly, probably making my play list and drinking. I like to drink. There was champagne present at my session (peep the pic of me drinking all ~sexy like~). The play list creation process is so fun, you get to focus your mind on something that makes the entire experience unique to you. You get to say, “What music do I want to dance around and pose and have fun to?? What music makes me feel like the BADDIE I am???” I gotta tell you- I had an indie pop vibe going in my session. It’s all about what makes you feel the happiest, calmest, and most free. 🙂
  • How did you feel during your session?BAD. ASS. FUCKING. BITCH. Okay, maybe I felt that way after about half of the session. At first I was a little “eeeeek I’m exposed and I’m scared” but that wore off and I just had so much fun. I was tapping into a feeling of power and just love of myself I hadn’t experienced before.
  • How did you feel seeing your images for the first time?Yup yup yup there were tears welling up in my eyes the entire time. The entire drive over there was painful. The weather was bad, I slid passed Tara’s house, and I just felt like it was not going to end up being worth it. I am my own worst critic. I didn’t “feel” pretty. Through the car ride and walking in/taking my seat, the tears came from a place of insecurity and anxiety, but as the pictures were revealed I sat there in complete silence and awe, my body go the tingly feeling, and I just felt worth it. I saw myself in a brand new way that day.
  • How do you feel now that you’ve had your session?I feel… more confident. I feel like no one can f*** with me, and when I need reminding I look at those pictures and think, “No one can stop me. I’ve had needles pushed through my tiddies and let a girl take sexy pics of me.’ To quote Nicki Minaj, ‘bit***s ain’t sh** and they ain’t sayin’ nothing’ when I look at those pictures. No one can mess with me when I’m on my TRP ~Empowering Boudoir high. And sometimes that is exactly what I need to remind me that I am worth it when everyone else tells me otherwise.
  • What would your advice be for others who are too shy, nervous, etc to book a session?Make like Nike and Just. Do. It. You will talk yourself out of anything- we criticize ourselves more than we are ever meant to. I’m not asking for much, but just give Tara a chance to make you feel as beautiful as you are inside and out. Sometimes, there is a way of a stranger with a camera (as creepy as that sounds) that makes you see yourself through a new lens. (camera jokes, get it??)
  • Would you ever do another session?Ummmm tomorrow. Today. Later tonight. Right now. Literally any time, any where, as long as it is with Tara I have zero doubt I will have an incredible experience once again and my pictures will be flame. Only downside is the next day sore status from arching and bending in ways you haven’t in a while 😉 Totally worth it.

How would you describe your self love story/journey? Boy oh boy. Basically, I straight up hated myself forever. Always just really awk and never quite fit in. Close! But not quite there, and I knew it. I was diagnosed with anxiety and a depression disorder in middle school, like 8th grade. 8th grade??? Yep. Had a panic attack in the gym in front of everyone. :)))) I’m sure no one else remembers it, but I do. I transferred schools that following year. I started, and finished, my high school journey at SHS and moved to Ladoga. I needed that change, I needed to grow. How much can you really love yourself though when you have to take Zoloft at 13 just to be “normal” like your friends? As the medicine changed, my weight changed, my moods changed, my life changed. I actually think I did love myself my senior year of high school some, I was cheering and in show choir, busy, got into college, skinny, life was good. College came and I got my stupid heart thrown into a blender. Gained the weight back. Sad. Blehhhhhhhskhfa kjdglfjewajo. Bad times bruh. I’m not saying this was a cure-all, but through my learning to love and advocate for myself journey I earned my time with Tara. And she reinforced every single POSITIVE thing I have ever seen in myself. I can honestly say that right now, at this moment, I love who I am and I love the body I’m in. Even when it needs two Prozac to be “normal”- like literally no one else is. 🙂

  • Go in there, just do it. Go in with a positive attitude and know that Tara will always ensure you have the best experience possible. Loosen up, get in there kiddo, you got this girlllll. Be flexible and willing to take direction, don’t take yourself too seriously, trust the professional and have an amazing time. <3

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