Miss C|Harry Potter Boudoir Session

Miss C’s session was nothing short of amazing. We walked through every part of this process together, we went shopping to find the most perfect outfits and last minute, she timidly asked if we could incorporate something Harry Potter themed. (P.S. NEVER be afraid to ask!!!!)

If you don’t know me, let me tell you, I WAS GAME. Harry Potter is my most favorite thing in the entire world, so, this magic happened..

How would you describe your self love story/journey?

Being a single mom of two, and dealing/having dealt with depression, it was and is difficult to find time for myself and realizing time for me isn’t at midnight in the pantry eating all the snacks and crying. I felt terrible I wasn’t good enough for anyone. But after these pictures seeing what someone else sees, I know I’m beautiful I may not have curves but I love myself. I’m stunning inside and out. Thank you for helping me see my beautiful self.

  • 27
  • Seeing all of the beautiful pictures and reading all the testimonials from other people on how this made them feel, it really made me want to feel that way too!
  • My body. I’m pretty small framed and I really don’t have curves, (all knees and elbows) so I was extremely nervous my pictures wouldn’t turn out.
  • Getting my hair and makeup done. I felt so beautiful. I’m a mom of 2 little ones so makeup most days isn’t an option!
  • At first awkward, then I felt more relaxed. Tara and Piper are just so amazing. They just know what to say to make you feel good!
  • I was blown away! I couldn’t believe the woman in the pictures was me!
  • I see myself in a different light now. I have more confidence.
  • Don’t be nervous! These amazing women don’t judge.
  • Yes yes yes!

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