“I low key felt like a badass..”|Boudoir Session

“It’s funny because some days I feel like I’ve come so far with my self love journey but other days it’ doesn’t seem like it. The whole purpose for my pictures was to show myself that my body is perfect with all its flaws. I hated not being big in some places, such as not having a big butt or big boobs, and just being tiny overall. But after seeing my pictures I’m like damn because the pictures show me how perfect my body is to me. Then there’s days where I fall back on that. I hate my stretch marks and I hate being tiny in some areas so I go back and look at them to remind myself. I have come a very long way with how I felt about my body and these pictures have helped me with that and I don’t regret the decision I made on booking a session.”


When I met up with this beauty, we talked about all the different options we had. She seemed nervous (everyone usually is!!) but I could tell she wanted to see herself in a different light. I knew she kind of wanted to play around and do a bit of everything but I knew we were going to do an all white outfit with soft florals. Everyone loves the white rug and I really wanted to bring out a soft, feminine aspect to these photos in particular then we could go darker with the sexier and sultry outfits!! She decided to wear the strappy, black two-piece and a lace, see-through coverup ontop of an outfit, from the client closet. She brought a couple of lace bodysuits (black and green), the white two-piece, a super-cute, black two-piece and black heels along with her!


I got added to the boudoir group and after seeing some of the sessions and noticing how much work you put into the pictures and your clients. I thought TRP would be my best option for my photos.

I WAS NERVOUS ABOUT EVERYTHING. From makeup all the way up to my photo session. I never ever wear makeup so I was super nervous to see how I would look in the pictures. But most of all I was extremely nervous to just be wearing lingerie in front of someone other than my boyfriend and especially for pictures.

I loved everything. The fact that you make the session fun is amazing because if definitely made me feel less anxious and I tried to have fun with it. I loved seeing how different I looked with every outfit change. It made me feel so much better about myself and my body.

At first I felt extremely awkward. Like what in the world was I doing. But slowly I started feeling good about it. The fact that you showed me a picture with every outfit change was awesome. I low key felt like a badass in the black lingerie from your “client closet” but in the end I felt so good about myself!

I was a nervous wreck when I met up with you to see my pictures. It was more of the fact that my boyfriend came along and I was terrified of what he was going to think. But the fact that we both loved them made me happy. I low key felt like such a badass because it’s like “wow that’s me” and those pictures show a completely different side of me.

I feel good for sure!! The amount of work you put in before and after the session is amazing. Those pictures truly make me feel so much better about myself and my body. They make me embrace myself more than ever and that’s the whole point of them. They really do teach you about self love in their own way.

DONT BE SHY. It’s honestly the best decision I ever made. I wouldn’t trade my pictures for anything. The whole experience is worth it!


She went home with a beautiful, luxury album in pearl. She also took home an amazing canvas of her favorite image, her custom slideshow and her crystal usb!


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